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Order & Payment Process

1. Orders can be made from our website with payment options such as via credit cards. More details available on-page.

2. Upon placing orders, allow 7 to 10 days of processing and clearing with our merchant bank system.

3. Any purchase can not be processed when your credit card company declines the amount.

4. Payments must be cleared before making any shipment.

Shipping Policy

1. Items will be shipped after payments are cleared with GST(10% tax) included in the amount paid.

2. For shipment policies, the rules, terms and conditions of the courier must be followed.

For reference, visit: Fastway Couriers - Australia. They courier cover everything up to $1500 standard and then an extra quote for anything above that.

3. The customer should inform Legendary Computers within 7 days when any item is damaged so as to make a claim against the courier.

Exchange & Return Policies

1. Any item received with a wrong specifications, the customer should inform Legendary Computers for replacement no questions asked. The customer should send back the item/s to Legendary Computers and get a full refund for postage fees. Such items will only be replaced when returned at hand. Any wrong specifications will be replaced with the correct item or money back.

2. Returned items of wrong specifications will be replaced with the originally desired specifications. We will make every effort to replace the item for the original specifications otherwise offer a refund when the desired specifications can not be provided.

3. For product warranty please refer to: National Warranty Services

or to our on-site warranty for Legendary Computers.

4. Desired purchases made, payments cleared, and item shipped is final. If your are not satisfied with the purchase of your product you may contact Legendary Computers for a refund.

Order Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. When the order placed is still unshipped and payments still processing, a customer may cancel the order.

2. When the order placed is still unshipped but payments already processed, a customer may cancel the order and ask for a refund only if the items are not paid and prepared yet from the warehouse. But if the items are paid and prepared then order cannot be cancelled, a refund can be offered once the customer returns the product only.

3. When the order placed is in the process of shipping and payments done processing, a customer can not cancel the order.

4. When the package arrived at the doorstep and the customer decline to receive and ask the courier to ship it back to Legendary Computers, only when we receive the item we will offer a refund.

5. Refunds can be made by:

a. depositing the amount into the customerís preferred bank account.

b. issuing the refund to the credit card company if the purchase is paid using credit card.

6. Definitely, no cash refunds be made.